Do you have a retail store, campground store, or gift shop near a pond or lake?

Skipping stones could be a great option for you to carry! 

The wholesale display takes up very little space, and comes with everything your customers will need to enjoy skipping stones including instructions and history pamplets.  Each kit comes with a 2 gal. bucket to display the individual bags, 15 bags, a sign, 15 instruction pamphlets, and 150 hand picked, disinfected skipping stones. The choice of how to divide and sell them is yours!


We also sell refill kits containing a box of 150 stones,15 bags and 15 pamphlets. Just fill the bags and display in the original 2 gal. bucket .



For all wholesale purchases, a copy of your bussiness letter head and Fed.ID # will need to be provided to us before purchase.  Contact us about a wholesale kit today!